Drilling below ZWG

Prewenter TITAN is used when it is necessary to install micropiles or anchor micropiles under high water pressure.

How it works:
The presenter system consists of a valve whose flange can be closed or opened pneumatically with the control unit.
The closed collar prevents uncontrolled backflow, reducing it to a minimum. Prewenter is mounted to the structure before drilling.

  • Presenter features and benefits
  • Allows drilling of micropiles and anchoring micropiles below the groundwater table and in high hydrostatic pressure conditions
  • Secure, controlled installation a
  • Easy to use
  • No drainage required
  • Efficient method

Load indicators

Load indicators are installed at an early stage to determine the increase in the level of loads and associated deformations. The load indicators visually show the load increase in three strokes without the need for surveying.
Three indicated load levels

  • TITAN 30/11: 70 kN – 160 kN – 180 kN
  • TITAN 40/16: 200 kN – 300 kN – 400 kN
  • Deformations up to 30 mm
  • Visual guided reading

Protection against buoyancy

Construction of underground reservoirs, under roads, deep excavations, etc. below the groundwater level requires protection against rising. Thanks to the new TITAN bayonet fastener system, hollow drilling through the ground or water is possible. After drilling, the system of connectors (female + male bayonet connector and female + male bell-type bayonet connector) allows to separate the working part and the recoverable micropile, leaving the micropile heads at a specific ordinate. Micropiles can be installed either before or after the excavation. This separates the implementation phases and minimizes the work of the divers.

Mud heads

The TITAN drilling head allows the adaptation of almost all drilling rigs and drilling attachments to work with the TITAN system. It allows simultaneous drilling and feeding of cement grout to the drill string (TITAN rod).

The drilling head is selected for both the type of TITAN rod and the type of thread in the drilling rig. In order to select the appropriate washer head, please contact our technical support department.

Strengthening the foundations

The growing popularity of modernization and revitalization works in recent years has resulted in the need to pick up the existing foundations.

Tapping is a method of stabilizing and strengthening the foundations of existing structures. The foundation is extended so as to be able to bear increased loads or to function in a new structure, e.g. after constructing new underground storeys.

More details can be found in the related brochures and publications.